The Clinic

Welcome to Restore!

Restore Physical Therapy is an independently owned and operated outpatient therapy clinic in Corvallis, Oregon.  Our services are focused on women, are provided by women, and are offered to improve the lives of women in all stages of life.  Our specialty services focus on women’s health issues and orthopedics. We treat pregnancy & postpartum conditions, osteoporosis, pelvic floor health issues, pelvic pain disorders, incontinence (urge, stress, and frequency). menopause related changes, and pelvic organ prolapse. We also treat orthopedic and musculoskeletal health issues that impact all of your joints and muscles from head to toe!

In this constantly changing healthcare arena, Restore Physical Therapy is here to meet your individual needs, specific to your diagnosis, with ease of access to the required services.   Restore Physical Therapy is a direct access, cash-based practice, which insures you receive only necessary services. Physical therapy services are delivered by a licensed and certified therapist, in a professional and efficient manner, so you can get the results you want in a timely manner.  

Our Mission

Restore Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing the highest level of specialty women’s health and orthopedic physical therapy services to women in all stages of life. Our goal is to restore your function, to educate you so you have a better understanding of your diagnosis, symptoms and treatment plan, and to empower you to restore your body, and restore your life. Come see us at Restore Physical Therapy!