February-March 2018

About the Artist

After decades of identifying as a quantitative thinker and STEM professional, K.V. Sharp discovered that the practice of photography started to fulfill a need to be creative and to play, albeit with light, color and perspective. She loves that it helps her slow down and deepen her exploration of culture, people and landscapes; she loves the awareness that comes from looking “around the edges” of the scenes unfolding right in front of us. She enjoys both the creative challenge of capturing fleeting moments of beauty, emotion and/or action, and the technical challenge of capturing those moments with fidelity to the vision in her mind’s eye.

Several years ago she started pursuing photographic training with professionals in California, Oregon, and Colorado. Her work has been used occasionally for non-profits, community organizations, or shown in other local venues. Travel and outdoor adventure are her preferred subjects, although she also enjoys photographing both dance/theatre performances and sports events spurred on by the hours her daughters spend in both.

The images displayed here highlight her cultural exploration on her first trip to Africa, to Ethiopia, and were taken either near Debre Zeit, Bahir Dar, or Gondar. The Orthodox cross is a commonly-seen symbol on necklaces, carried or displayed in the home, hence its prevalence in this set of images. The images in the inner room represent her professional international development work.

All of the images displayed here are for sale for $75, with $25 going towards printing and mounting costs and the remainder allocated to the Restore Artist’s Charitable Fund for distribution to this years designated recipient, Women Investing in Samaritan Health (WISH).