January-March 2019

Artist’s Statement:

“Despite being a busy mom of five small children, being an artist is not optional for me. I don’t quite feel complete without the chance to stretch my creative muscles - I need that time to refresh and clear my mind, re-energize, and restore some semblance of balance to life. In fact, I feel that creating art fills an inherent need we all have inside to create and to communicate, to share something that only we can.  

I was fortunate enough to be born and raised in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, so I am most inspired by nature: by tall trees and stormy clouds, by swirling rivers and mountain heights. When we explore the outdoors as a family I soak in as much inspiration as I can; then, when I get back to my studio to paint, I try to turn that inspiration outwards. I hope to help others experience the awe I feel about the world around me. I want my art to help remind people that there is beauty everywhere arounds us if we take the time to look. And if we can see it in our environment, maybe it’ll be easier to see it in the happenings and people around us.

Also, I believe strongly in the emotional power of color. I use enthusiastic color combinations in an effort to encourage and uplift. perhaps I feel an extra need to brighten up my life when so many days are spend under cloudy skies! And frankly, there is just too much that is discouraging and distressing in the world. I want to help distract from that by spreading hope and joy.”

Alisha’s work will be on display at Restore through the month of March.

15% of art sales at Restore goes to Women Investing in Samaritan Health (WISH), this year's designated recipient of proceeds from art sales at Restore Physical Therapy.

 Alisha’s artwork can be seen on her website at and on Instagram @alishabwhitmanart.