NOW ON DISPLAY AT RESTORE PHYSICAL THERAPY: Bethany Canfield, Soothing the Savage

April - June 2019

Artist’s Statement:

“Hello! I am Bethany and I hope you enjoy seeing my art here at Restore Physical Therapy and that it truly speaks to you.

When not painting I spend my days homeschooling our two boys: Jackson and Oliver, 15 and 13 yrs old.  Our family lives in Philomath, Oregon and we absolutely love it here. But often our family loads up in our dirt-loving rig, headed out on a road trip and hoping for warmer weather and some fun new sights to paint.

I paint with coffee frequently these days, often using a western vibe depicting life in the desert among sage and cacti. The coffee smells amazing as I splash and splatter it, ending up on the paper, on me and  even on my walls. The mess is delightful. My other medium is watercolor paint often outlined with fine ink lines. Simple lines surrounding local mountains, lakes, and other magical places that I get to admire. I also enjoy pyrography (or woodburning). It is such a special treat to find a piece of beautiful wood to create on. Most of my woodburning focuses on geometric patterns, shapes and designs.

I chose the name Soothing The Savage for my business because of a quote that I love by William Congreve: ‘Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.’ This has been my experience with music and other forms of art. Art can maneuver into the deepest of places within us.  I’ve heard tunes touching that memory I hadn’t thought of in years, and a certain scene in a painting has rendered me speechless. It is my hope that my art delights, encourages, softens, challenges and inspires.

Thank you for getting to know me.  I'd love it if you would follow along on this art  journey!!”

Bethany’s work will be on display at Restore through the month of June.

15% of art sales at Restore goes to Women Investing in Samaritan Health (WISH), this year's designated recipient of proceeds from art sales at Restore Physical Therapy.

 Bethany’s artwork can be seen on her website and on Instagram @soothingthesavage .